About Us

Who We Are

We are the human body’s biggest fans.

The human body is brilliantly designed for homeostasis. It is meant to be well. That is our natural state of being.

Unfortunately, modern living can be stressful on the multiple mechanisms the body has for maintaining our health. Therefore, nothing is more important to our long-term wellness than helping the body to maintain its innate ability to heal.

Founded in 2003, INNATE Response is committed to wholistic health practitioners who recognize that the body knows what to do if we let it. We manufacture a line of carefully formulated products with quality foods, herbs and added nutrients that strengthen and support the body’s own innate healing responses.


What We Believe

We believe in moving back towards wholeness.

For the better part of the past century, reductionism has dominated science and medicine. And it has served us well, catapulting our ability to diagnose and treat many ailments that once took so many lives. But there is an inevitable downside to reducing large, dynamically complex systems down to their smallest, constituent parts. We lose our sense of the whole.

We forget that atoms and cells and tissues and organs are just part of what makes us human. We forget that people and families and communities and cultures are inherently linked, and that we depend on one another for our survival. We forget that human nature is aligned with the greater nature outside of us…that the plants and the rivers and the forests and the air sustain both our bodies and souls.

While reductionist medicine has its place, it is just a part of wholism. We look beyond the physical and the measurable to see the whole person — a complex entity encompassing body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

INNATE Response recognizes that there is a place for everything on the health spectrum, from whole foods on one end to powerful pharmaceuticals on the other. But we believe the pendulum has swung too far. It’s time to take a conscious step towards wholeness. 


Why We Do What We Do

We aim to restore deeper connections

On the most fundamental level, INNATE Response promotes human health and well-being by formulating nutritional supplements that deliver quality foods and herbs with added nutrients to support the body’s innate healing responses. Yet our mission is so much bigger than that. As proponents of wholism, INNATE Response answers to a deeper calling: to embrace the dynamic nature of life, to recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and to celebrate that these innate connections are what imbue living systems with vitality and uniqueness.

Our mission at INNATE Response, therefore, is to restore deeper connections with food, with science, and with each other by supporting the principles of wholistic health and empowering its advocates. 


How We Formulate

We start with food.

INNATE Response has great reverence for Nature. Nature is neither simple nor quantifiable; Nature is complex beyond comprehension. All of the vital nutrients that are present in plants can never be replicated in a test tube. Accordingly, our philosophy has always been food first, with added nutrients.

We believe that food should be our foundation, our starting point. We can promote health and well-being through the the addition of vitamins and minerals. When our systems become imbalanced, herbal remedies offer the next level of support to help our bodies find their way home.


How We Operate

We do what’s right.

INNATE Response recognizes that people, plants, communities, cultures, and companies are all part of a larger, interconnected planetary ecosystem, and we take our role in that ecosystem seriously. That’s why we are committed to operating in an ethical way that supports not just the health of our customers, but the betterment of the planet. For example, we are committed to making as much of our product line non-GMO as possible.

We also aim to stay true to the intention of food. The intention of food is about relationships and what food means in our lives. To that end, we seek to nurture relationships with the people who care for our food, by supporting small, independent family farms honoring the spirit of organic — which is all about bringing consciousness to farming.

These deeper connections — that foster healthier people, healthier communities, and a healthier world — are what inspire INNATE Response every day.