Quality Assurance

At INNATE Response, we use Nature as our muse and Science as our guide. Science not only enabled us to develop FoodState Nutrients™, it also allows us to continually assure a high level of quality and integrity.

Put to the test

We guarantee the highest level of quality control and safety that you've come to expect, and we make all our certifications clear on labels and product pages, so you know exactly what you're taking.


Made by us

About 60 percent of our products are made in-house. For the in-house products we directly oversee steps of production from ingredient sourcing and verification to final bottling and shipping. The remaining 40 percent of our products are made by our manufacturing partners, whom we carefully vet to meet our exacting standards. We can assure our practitioners of the quality of our products without hesitation.

Verified by others

To learn more about our verifications, please visit the Standards page. To learn more about how we're keeping glyphosate out of our supplements, please visit the Certified Glyphosate Free Certification page.